1) Q: How much do you charge for an office visit?
A: Our exam fees begin at $45.00 for a routine examination service. Based on the nature of the examination and medical concerns, fees will increase from this base level. Additional charges will apply for any other services requested at the time of examination.
2) Q: How much do you charge for a house call?
A: We apply a travel fee of $50.00 for all house calls. This is in addition to the examination fees set forth, as well as any additional services that are requested at the time of your visit.
3) Q: How far do you travel?
A: We have currently 2 locations in which we perform services, Hermitage and Greenville Pennsylvania. Depending on the location we set for appointments on a given day, we will travel a radius of up to 15 miles for house calls from that particular location.
4) Q:Do you travel into Ohio?
A: Sorry, no.  Currently our services are for Pennsylvania clientele due to state licensing regulations.
5) Q: How much do you charge for my dog/cats spay or neuter?
A: This is a somewhat more difficult question to answer, as there are more variables here. Surgery pricing is often based on your pets weight, as heavier animals often require larger volumes of anesthetics for a given procedure.  Likewise, medications to go home with post op often are based on weight. We offer packages for different weight categories, please call for more specifics.
6) Q: What does my pet need prior to any surgery?
A: We require both dogs and cats to be current on their rabies vaccination for any given surgical procedure. Proof of vaccination will be required. All dogs will need to be current on Heartworm testing. For our senior patients we recommend pre-operative lab work prior to any anesthetic procedure. This will be discussed in greater detail during your consult.
7) Q: Do I need to make an appointment prior to requesting a surgery?
A: If you are a new client to our practice, or you are an existing client with a new pet that has never been seen before, yes. Making an appointment prior to surgery will allow us to review any pertinent medical records, make sure your pet is up to date on required vaccinations, and laboratory tests if necessary, and answer any questions you may have regarding your pets surgery.  Also, your pet will receive a thorough examination to make sure there are no relevant health concerns prior to his/her procedure.
8) Q: Do you offer grooming services?
A: Sorry, we do not perform grooming services. During your pets examination, we will perform ear cleanings, toenail trims, and minor grooming procedures if needed. But more in depth bathing and grooming will be referred to our local grooming facilities.
9) Q: Can you make a house call and perform surgical procedures on site?
A: Sorry, although we are a mobile service, most surgery’s are performed on location in Greenville certain days of the week. Just like conventional brick and mortar buildings, we ask that your pet be dropped off for surgery in the morning and discharged later that day. Our staff will call you 24 hrs in advance to discuss any final details regarding your pets surgery, and answer any questions you may have.